Corporate and Social Responsibility

Community Engagement

At the core of DI is ensuring communities benefit from the company activities. DI seeks to maintain constant engagement with the communities where its operations exist.


Onshore drilling and production operations are at the centre of the business and therefore, minimising the impact of activities to the environment is important. This means complying with local and international environment policies and regulations will shape our environmental management system.

Throughout all operations and the life cycle of the wells, adequate safety measures will be in place. These measures include having adequate barrier isolation to protect ground water and aquifers during drilling operations. Spill containment plans will also be included as part of safety measures to prevent groundwater from contamination.

As a responsible company, old sites of operations will be remediated to high standards. This means that at the end of operating in an area, measures will be taken to restore the area to its original state.


DI is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe working environment across all its operational activities. Operations are based on company and industry standards and practices which help to foster a safe work culture for employees, external contractors and partners.

A safety management system will be in place with the aim of complying with international standards. This will help drive the business towards continuous improvement.