Onshore Gas Exploration Experts

Welcome to Discovery Investments

Discovery Investments Limited, DI, is a Zimbabwe registered company focussed on harnessing natural energy resources to improve the quality of life in the region. Discovery Investments is at the reserves proving stage of a major onshore Coal Bed Methane (CBM) gas project in Western Zimbabwe.

Coal mines and drilling CBM wells

Drilling wells have ensured commercial quantities of methane gas are produced independently and not as a by-product from coal. The various techniques and technologies used for drilling conventional wells are easily applicable in CBM wells. Zimbabwe is better known for coal mining than for producing CBM gas. However, recent studies and well tests have proven the potential to transform the country into a major global producer of methane gas.

Coalbed Methane (CBM)

Coal bearing formations have been scientifically proven as the major source of methane accumulation on earth. Methane, has become a valuable resource to be independently produced from coal mines and formations. Two main methods of CBM recovery exist which are through coal mines and from drilling CBM wells.

Quality and EHS

Discovery Investments has committed itself to implement a quality assurance system in-line with the quality management standard ISO 9001. Its objective is to improve the control over quality-related work processes to produce gas and products conforming to specifications. We aim to provide a healthy and safe working enviornment. Both the company and its employees commit themselves to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements, particularly in terms of occupational health and safety.