Company Overview

Discovery Investments Limited, DI, is a Zimbabwe registered company focussed on harnessing natural energy resources to improve the quality of life in the region. Discovery Investments is at the reserves proving stage of a major onshore Coal Bed Methane (CBM) gas project in Western Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe has some electricity supply deficiencies with growth in power demand expected over the next few years, based on household, industry and mining consumption. Discovery Investments sees this as an opportunity and the commercialisation of produced gas, an attractive market.


In 2014, Discovery Investment was granted a 25-year production licence over an area capable of supporting the drilling of thousands of wells with very low probability of fracking.

Initial work had been done on the Lubimbi coal field area, south-east of the Hwange Coal Field. This indicated a huge CBM deposit potentially one of the largest CBM field, globally.

Following the exploration permission in May 2014, three pilots were drilled with production tests conducted towards the end of 2014. The flow tests indicated commercial quantities of gas from the coal seams and shale layers without the need for fracking. The gas deposit arguably exceeds all the other onshore gas projects in the region.

DI is set to develop the Lubimbi and Lusulu Coal Fields, Matabeleland North, with the purpose of extracting methane gas and support the energy needs of the region.